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July 30, 2009 : Plans of Project Management System further development

While the development of version 3.0 is in progress, Intelligence-Soft announces plans of further improvement of its software product. According to Intelligence-Soft CEO, Alexander Butovsky, future versions of the system will have flexible structure of the object model. It means that users will get an opportunity to easily accomodate it to specific needs of their companies by adding arbitrary number of custom properties of any type to each of the predefined system objects - projects, tasks, issues, etc.
Another planned improvement is the support of newest server platform - 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

November 14, 2008 : Inteligence-Soft software department proceeded to the development of new Project Management System v.3.0

New version is based upon the recently released Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and ASP.NET v.3.5. Newest application platform from Microsoft provides Project Management System with enhanced stability and security, better scalability and performance, support of modern multi-processor architectures and vurtual servers. New features will include also the support of SaaS (Software as a Service) model where one instance of the system located on high-stability server in reliable data center is being used by several subscribed client companies.

March 7, 2008 : Project Management System v.2.0 has passed the Microsoft Platform Test.

Intelligence-Soft Project Management System web site

Latest version 2.0.74 of Intelligence-Soft Project Management System has successfully passed testing for the following components of the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions: Windows Server 2003 and MS SQL Server. The Platform Test is one of the product tests for software applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that meet the certification requirements for ISVs to join the ISV/Software Solution Competency of the Microsoft Partner Program. Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.

January 19, 2008 : Intelligence-Soft released version 2.0 of the Project Management System.

Unlike all previous versions, which were based upon Microsoft ASP technology, version 2.0 is based upon ASP.NET. Microsoft ASP.NET is a unified Web development model that includes the services necessary to build enterprise-class Web applications. It provides advanced security, state management, application configuration and health monitoring features thus improving application reliability and performance.

February 21, 2006 : Project Management System v.1.2 has passed the Microsoft Platform Test.

Recent release 1.2.55 of Intelligence-Soft Project Management System has successfully passed testing for the following components of the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions: Windows Server 2003 and MS SQL Server.

February 1, 2006 : Project Management System version 1.2 build 55 has been released.

New version includes a number of improvements targeted mainly to expedite system installation and maintenance. The system is being delivered now with installation program, which turnes the setup of the software to target server into the effortless and quick job. No more tricky administration of your server - installation program automatically performs all administrative routines, copies necessary files, creates MS SQL Server database, creates web application on IIS server, populates database with initial data and fulfils all other tasks necessary to install the system. Once the installation program completed the setup process, you may start using the system immediately, without any additional manual operations and even without the restart of your servers.

Since build 55 the system supports both MS Windows 2000 Server and MS Windows 2003 Server.

Automated installation and setup provides even those companies, which don't have their own IT professionals, with the chance to purchase Project Management System, install and start using it as easy as if they were installing a simple desktop utility.

January 25, 2005 : Project Management System version 1.2 build 52 has been released.

Latest release is the next step in the continuous process of system improvement. A number of new properties were added to the system objects and screen forms representing companies and users. These new properties include additional telephone numbers, postal address and bank account details for companies and additional e-mails and telephones for users.

Problem with unstable operation of the system with non-English server locales is solved and a few other known problems are fixed.

As usual, users of previous versions may contact us to get an update free of charge.

June 21, 2004 : Project Management System version 1.2 build 49 has been released.

Build 49 contains a number of important functionality improvements. However a main distinction between the build 49 and previous releases is a new screen forms displaying a history of relations with each customer company and a history of each project.

History tab in system menu

History records include a lot of project-related data like the start and the end of each task development, changes in documents, project status changes and much more. System automatically records various project events, for example, when user enters new bug report or changes tasks status from 'In Progress' to 'Completed'. In addition each user having corresponding rights may add his notes to the history thus registering in the sequence of history records any off-line events like a telephone conversations, meetings or financial activities. Optionally each user's note may be marked as 'private', in this case it is visible only for the user who had entered it, otherwise a note is 'shared' that is visible to all members of a project team.

All history pages are supported with powerful and flexible filter form giving a chance to select only necessary history records for the display.

Users who purchased previous versions of the Project Management System may contact us to receive an update free of charge.

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