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How to buy

Intelligence-Soft development team and our clients, ordering the development of custom software in our company use our Project Management System for planning, reporting and communication on daily basis. What if you want to install your own copy of the system in order to improve the development process and planning discipline in your company, to normalize your communication with your clients thus raising the economic efficiency of your company?   Not a problem...

Purchasing Intelligence-Soft Project Management System is as easy as 1-2-3. Just choose one of the packages below, fill the order form and press "Submit Order". Our sales manager will contact you promptly.

Purchase options

Project Management System is available in following packages containing various sets of products and services:

Package Description Price, USD
Package A "Pure functionality" edition. Includes all source codes (ASP) and database scripts (T-SQL) necessary to integrate Project Management System functionality with customer's own web site or internet-based application. Recommended for companies having own web developers familiar with ASP and planning to fulfill integration job on their own. Includes license per 1 server. 295
Package B "Functionality + design" edition. Includes Package A plus web-design services. Our web designer either integrates Project Management System code with graphic decoration of existing customer's web site or creates new custom design according to buyer's guidelines. Includes license per 1 server. 745
Package C "Functionality + design + remote installation" edition. Includes Package B plus remote installation services. Our software engineer installs Project Management System to customer's server. Requires W2K Terminal Services access to target server. Includes license per 1 server. 895
Additional licenses License per each additional server for Package A/B/C buyers. 100

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