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Intelligence-Soft Web-based Project Management System

We are persuaded that project management plays a critical role in today's business environment. Successful achievement of business goals requires good management to identify and correct problems before they impact a budget or schedule. It is especially important in offshore software development projects because members of development team are located far from the clientís site and therefore good communication between parties becomes a key issue for successful project management.

We implemented Web-based Project Management System providing our clients with comprehensive and easy-to-use environment for day-to-day project management and communication. The system arms clientís personnel and Intelligence-Soft developers with advanced methodological approach and planning discipline.

System supports full project lifecycle from preliminary negotiations and concept to post-delivery maintenance and support.


Project Management System provides team members across an organization with convenient environment for managing projects. It allows team members to collaborate and share information through a common channel anytime and anywhere. It offers secure Web-based access to real-time project data such as project deliverables, task monitors, discussions, planning and bug-tracking tools, reports and documents.

Project Management System is a team collaboration tool intended to be used daily by people who need a place to keep track of development progress, to participate in project-related discussions and manage project resources.

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