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ComputerWeekly Project Management News

Hewlett Packard Enterprise extends on-demand analytics
HPE adds a set of pre-built analytics functions on to its Haven OnDemand service to simplify business intelligence app development 30.8.2016
Apple faces record multibillion-euro tax penalty
Apple has been hit with a ą13bn tax bill after European competition authorities ruled the company benefited from an illegal tax deal in Ireland 30.8.2016
Executive interview: Expanding banking through APIs
Western Unionís head of digital ventures, Khalid Fellahi, discusses how the money transfer service is embracing digitisation 30.8.2016
UK tech firms spend less, deliver more on training
Survey shows technology firms spend 46% of the national average on learning and development per employee, but deliver an above-average number of hoursí training 26.8.2016
Data breaches: Different regions, very different impacts
The cost, scrutiny and pressure of dealing with a data breach will become more apparent in the near future as European legislation takes effect 24.8.2016
Ofcom seems to have forgotten its remit, and actually thatís no surprise
Ofcom made the wrong choice by putting economists in charge, and is in danger of forgetting its remit, says Simon Rockman 24.8.2016
CW@50: Bugs, blunders and bad practices
Computer Weeklyís arrival on 22 September 1966 reflected a growing global industry and the hopes for British computing 24.8.2016
400 security events a second monitored on Olympics network
IT records as well as sporting records were set at the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 23.8.2016
There is life in Finlandís IT sector despite Nokia and Microsoft layoffs
Regional development organisations in Finland describe how despite massive job cuts Nokia and Microsoft have provided the foundations for IT industry development 23.8.2016
How Middle East CIOs can steer business strategy
The perception of the role of CIO at organisations in the Middle East is gradually shifting from back-end support to business enabler 22.8.2016
DWP digital experts brought in to help assess plans for Government Digital Service
The new GDS chief Kevin Cunnington has turned to his former DWP colleagues to help as he prepares his plans for the team 22.8.2016
Tools of the trade to drill into behavioural data
Data science toolkits enable organisations to extract, manipulate and interpret data to boost their business intelligence 22.8.2016
Volvo joins forces with Uber for autonomous vehicle pilot
Self-driving Volvo cars will take to the streets of Pittsburgh as part of a test of autonomous technology spearheaded by ride-sharing firm Uber 19.8.2016
Australian 2016 census sabotage puts a question mark on private cloud
Industry experts question why the Australian Bureau of Statisticsí website for the 2016 census, which recently underwent a DDoS attack, was not run on public cloud 18.8.2016
BT and Nokia to work together on 5G research
BT and Nokia plan to work together on customer use cases, proof of concept trials, technology standards and equipment to support 5G 18.8.2016
Cisco confirms 5,500 lay-offs amid restructuring
Networking giant has confirmed it will cut more than 5,500 jobs in an effort to trim the fat in low-growth business areas and enhance its performance elsewhere 18.8.2016
Intel Developer Forum: Out of the server room and onto smart devices
Augmented reality and building intelligence into IoT endpoints were among the highlights at Intelís annual conference 17.8.2016
Digital transformation gives CIOs chance to be agents of change
Whether itís the IoT, cloud, mobility, big data or analytics, there is always something new to grapple with. Attendees found out how to keep up at Cisco Live in Las Vegas 17.8.2016
Ford promises to mass-produce an autonomous car by 2021
The worldís first high-volume, fully autonomous vehicle will operate in a ride-hailing or sharing service by 2021, says Ford 17.8.2016
TfLís 24-hour tube API retains app compatiblity
TfL extends its open data API to support Londonís 24-hour tube service, with TfL saying the API wonít break existing apps 16.8.2016
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