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ComputerWeekly Project Management News

Debenhams appoints ex-Direct Line CIO as tech and supply chain director
Angela Morrison, the ex-CIO of Direct Line Group, has been appointed technology and supply chain director for department store retailer Debenhams 28.4.2017
UBS reduces legacy dependence with Microsoft Azure
Swiss bank begins its strategy of moving core systems into the cloud 28.4.2017
Microsoft chief reveals Azure upsell strategy
Azure competes with AWS on price as an IaaS, but Satya Nadella sees this as a way to get CIOs to buy higher-level services 28.4.2017
Nordea strikes partnership with Swedish mobile payment startup
Nordic bank links up with payments startup in its latest fintech project 28.4.2017
CW500 video: Mark Lockton-Goddard, former interim CIO, Drax Group
Mark Lockton-Goddard, former interim CIO, Drax Group, speaks to Computer Weekly about cloud maturity 28.4.2017
CW500 video: James Donkin, general manager, Ocado Technology
James Donkin, general manager, Ocado Technology, speaks to Computer Weekly about cloud maturity 28.4.2017
Case Study: How Swedish retailer Stayhard boosted sales online
Swedish retailer adopts cloud-based software to turn customer browsing into sales 27.4.2017
TSB launches first fruit of its owner’s proprietary system
TSB launches its first IT-based service built on its new core IT platform called Proteo 27.4.2017
Backup testing: What to test, when to test, how often to test
We run the rule over what’s involved in backup testing in virtual and physical server environments, how often you should test and the key pitfalls to avoid 27.4.2017
Demo shows GPUs are more than simple accelerators
Graphics processor units have helped to accelerate a reservoir simulation program, showing that the technology could be applied to complex code 26.4.2017
Cloud-based IT services spending tops ˆ1bn in Emea in first quarter
Demand for cloud-based IT services continues to grow in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with spending exceeding ˆ1bn in the first quarter of 2017 26.4.2017
Globalisation creates Catch-22 for protectionists as India responds to threat of US visa clampdown
US government might have to negotiate with India before getting tough on its work visa regime 26.4.2017
SLAs being met but most fall short of ‘always on’ backup and restore needs
Veeam Availability Report finds most IT professionals think there is a gap between how fast they can restore data and their requirements to be an “always on” organisation 26.4.2017
Next-generation processors block older Windows
The benefits of the latest generation of PCs will now only be available to those who run Windows 10 26.4.2017
How Oracle differentiates its IaaS against AWS
Cloud computing is changing both IT infrastructure and software development. We take a look at Oracle’s plans as it starts to compete with Amazon Web Services 26.4.2017
Customer experience technology vital for CMO role
The changing technology landscape has reshaped the role of CMO to be not only a demand generator but also a revenue driver. 25.4.2017
UK trade department in New York to promote fintech firms
Group of financial technology firms taken to New York to show off their knowledge of regulatory compliance software 25.4.2017
City University London launches undergraduate data science course after postgraduate success
Following the success of its postgraduate data science course, London university launches undergraduate programme 25.4.2017
Tips on how to get a Hana implementation off the ground
The confusion around SAP’s in-memory database is holding many customers back. We look at some of the approaches being taken to simplify implementation 25.4.2017
One in eight people have suffered a healthcare data breach
A quarter of victims had their NI number compromised and 18% saw their biometric identifiers compromised, but most people trust healthcare providers with their data 25.4.2017
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